Posted on: July 3, 2011 10:20 pm

Spare 2 seconds!

Do not think that I am sitting here complaining as this is being typed because i'm not. Just sitting here with a spare 2 seconds to myself wonderingwhat do you other parents love to do when u finally get that moment of "me" time. My son Aiden Robert Wood is going on 4 months now as of 2 days ago and i love him to death, I hate being away from him for more then 5 minutes. I worry about him constantyl that it almost drives me insane. As a parent though I know that a day will come when we all need that second of chill time. For me I'm just not sure what it will be maybe a quick game of cards with some friends or a few minutes to watch a half inning of a dominant Justin Verlander without having to hold a bottle or a binkey.  What does your spare moment consist of? I have found out that being a parent is the greatest gift of all, and at the same time it is the most pressure filled situation that can happen as well. I smile looking forward to the days where i can see my son run around the back yard wanting to ball catch with me or going to a Tigers game with me.  Watching my son grow up will be the greatest moments of my life and make the struggles of the last 5 years a distant memory, i just may have to agree that at some point im sure it will be nice to get that "spare 2 seconds".
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